01. Refugees who come to this country receive aid from the government to help them during the [transition] to their new lives here.
02. She is in a [transition] house for women who have been abused by their spouses.
03. The [transition] to democracy has been a difficult process for the countries of Eastern Europe.
04. Nelson Mandela and F. W. DeKlerk worked hard to ensure a peaceful [transition] to majority rule in South Africa.
05. She'll need some help during the time of her [transition] to her new position as director of the program.
06. The Inter-Cultural Association provides support to immigrants to help in their [transition] to a new life in this country.
07. A difficult period of [transition] followed the re-unification of East and West Germany.
08. The [transition] to parenthood represents a major change in an individual's life.
09. The ancient Egyptians viewed death as a [transition] to a similar existence in a different dimension.
10. The most widely recognized aim of the educational system is to facilitate the [transition] from participating in the family to involvement in the affairs of the larger society.
11. Barbara Yuncker once observed that in the medical sense now, birth is not the beginning, but just a developmental [transition].
12. It is important that the international community monitor the situation in the country during the period of [transition] following the overthrow of the military regime.
13. Those in the former communist countries who were hoping for an easy [transition] to a Western-style, market economy have been deeply disappointed.
14. The Republic of Georgia is currently undergoing a [transition] from a communist, centrally-planned economy to an open, free market economy.
15. Poor and backward by European standards, the tiny nation of Albania is making the difficult [transition] to a more modern open-market economy.
16. The [transition] between sleep and waking has been described by psychologists as a change in one's level of consciousness.
17. Gordon Parks once remarked, "I do find a certain fascination with the unpredictable. The [transitory] years we wade through are what they are - what we make of them."
18. Isaac Asimov once observed that life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It's the [transition] that's troublesome.
19. Thoreau once suggested that the pleasures of the intellect are permanent, the pleasures of the heart are [transitory].
20. The [transition] from a communist to a market economy has been difficult for a number of the former Soviet republics.
21. The peace of the Buddha comes from an acceptance of the [transitory] nature of life.
22. Many psychologists suggest that rather than describing the experience of divorce as a tragedy, it should be viewed as a [transition] in the life cycle of the family, with opportunities as well as risks.
23. The military leadership has appointed a [transitional] government to lead the country until elections can be held.
24. Your essay would be greatly improved by the addition of proper [transitions] linking each paragraph to the next.
25. The [transition] to college and university can be a challenge, even for the best students.

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